About Us

Welcome to SolarFlareGames. Here, we create Minecraft mods and games for everybody to use and play around with. We work our hardest to make sure you have a fun experience playing our mods and games. You can keep up with the new updates on the SolarFlareGames Facebook page and Twitter

About our team
We are a small team of 6 and we love modding Minecraft and making games in are our off time.

About Minecraft mods
We make mods for a game called Minecraft. We try to update our mods every mouth or so and have fun doing it.

About Games
The games we work on and put here is our own projects and ideas. We have not made a game yet due to just the amount of time we need to give up to commit to a project and some of our team members just don't have that time.


We Update Bloodcraft whenever we have idea, have to fix a bug Or When you submit an idea or bug report.

We are working to make a game and to keep going with our minecraft mods. 

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