Bloodcraft 5 Discontinued!
Why you may ask!

Hey, Bloodcraft community. So, today I have come to bring some, yet unfortunate, news. Our software used to create Bloodcraft-5 updated and unfortunately destroyed our mod in the process. It will take too long for us to repair it because we will practically have to start from the beginning and recreate everything. Due to this, I am saddened to announce that Bloodcraft-5 has come to a close. This, however, doesn't mean an end to new mod opportunities. We will still be up and running, and creating new mods, so stay tuned for new releases. I want to thank all of you though, for making Bloodcraft-5 what it is today. This really couldn't be possible without you. From what Stubby and I created as a joke ended up being a creation that blew up in popularity so quickly. Over 20,000 downloads we received on this mod, and we really couldn't thank you all enough for playing. So once again, stay tuned for new mods, new adventures, new possibilities, and new fun in store for the future of Bloodcraft, and once, once again, thank you for making Bloodcraft into what it is today.

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